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Anonymous asked: Is it confirm Thursday? Becos their concert is on the Saturday! Eva air only have one flight everyday in the afternoon! Will they come by other airlines? Sorry rly Wna go airport to see them




I have no idea ._. Since I’m not from Singapore, I can’t confirm. You can ask shoniah though. I’m sure she can answer your query :)

HIM revealed the flight details:

25 Oct 2013 (Fri)
BR225; Arrive 12:00

Sorry that i gave wrong info. I thought it will be on Thursday. BTW , Selina had to attend some awards in TW on Friday night. So Hebe and Ella will be arriving on Friday and Selina will be arriving on Saturday ( on the concert day ) 


S.H.E over these 12 years has never changed 

11/100 S.H.E edits

HAPPY 12TH ANNIVERSARY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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SPOP 華流雜誌 (July 2013 Issue) ∞ 威妮 | Black & White Version.

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